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How to Write an Admission Essay

Most college and university admission committees want to meet the real person behind your GMAT scores and professional resume. The admission committee is always interested in knowing the person behind what people see; they will want to know what sets you above the rest, your career goals, and your personal objectives and how you intend to achieve them and generally, what defines your personality. Before you start writing an admission essay, always try and analyze yourself objectively first keeping in mind that you are going to a new environment. Ask yourself what you are bringing to the school and visualize what you intend to achieve from the school. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses objectively and reflect on your end purpose which is your career aspiration and how you intend to use your MBA to realistically achieve life goals.

After self evaluating yourself, the next step is to writing your application or admission essay. You should not get caught up with what the admission committee expect from you, always make sure that what you write is not too wordy and is interesting and realistic. Analysts argue that you should never get into a term paper mode when you are writing an admission essay. What you intend to write in an admission essay is not fiction but facts based on real life experience. The main challenge when writing an admission essay is that admission committees read thousands of application essays every year so don’t bore them with what they are used to. The best way therefore to make the essay interesting is by using anecdotes, use vivid description and avoid repetitiveness and grammatical errors that may otherwise distract the reader from your essay.

One of the greatest mistakes that applicants make when writing a college admission essay or an MBA admission essay is failing to meet the expectation of the admission committee. After completing your essay, have a professional to proofread your essay and make constructive criticism regarding the flow, language and correct any errors if possible. The golden rule when writing an admission essay is keeping it real. Most committees look for genuineness rather than ambiguity. They are not really looking for who has the best life history or who is the most focused and determined individual; they want to know your strengths, your weaknesses and how you intend to convert your weaknesses to strength.

The turning point of an admission essay is first impression. The moment you start writing the admission essay, be sure to tell your reader the type of person you are without exaggerating. Most programs such as architecture, business or management have a specific question. One way of tacking the question is relating the question to something that has happened to you in the course of your life. One of the panel members when interviewed indicated that you should be able to write about a typical day in your life as depicted from a future point of view say five years down the line.

Saying in your essay that you want to be a consultant is not enough. Clearly stating your goals is the best policy. Say the specific type of consultancy you plan to undertake such as an admission consultant, business consultant, marketing consultant etc. Make no mistakes, clearly outlining your career goals and personal objectives could be the so much needed turning point that will determine whether your admission is accepted or rejected.